Extra Credit

If you’re thinking you could use some extra credit points, I have two options for you, both of which will help us as a class dive deeper into the literature we’re reading and learn to experience it as much as we read it.

Option I:

— Prepare a dramatic reading for one of the earlier texts (Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Chaucer, or one of the anonymous poets we will read), keeping in mind that they were originally intended to be oral.

A: You may choose to perform the reading in the original Old or Middle English, in which case, you will prepare fewer lines, roughly the length of the opening to The Canterbury Tales if in Middle English, fewer if in Old English. You will meet with me to discuss your selection and for coaching in dialect.

B: You may elect to prepare the reading in translation. In this case, you will perform more lines and will be even more aware of technique and style.

Option II:

— Create an interpretation of one of the works we read in class. You will probably want to work with the earlier stuff, simply because of time constraints.

I will allow you time to perform on any Friday during the term — each performance should not exceed nor be fewer than 10 minutes.

Option III:
As per our discussion of Orlando you have the option (in addition to Options I and II) of submitting a biography of yourself. This biography will be a minimum of 7 pages, typed, in Times New Roman 12 point font.

It will include:
Pages 1-5: 5 different (typed) biographies by people who know you. Vary it a bit, and include family members, friends, partners (or ex partners if you dare). This is not a letter of recommendation, but a biography, so make sure to tell your biographers to write about what’s important — the important events, dates in your life, or what’s important to you and how they view you. Make sure it’s also clear what their relationship to you is.

Page 6: a 1-page typed biography of yourself, highlighting what you feel is important and noteworthy about your life.

Page 7: a 1-page typed analysis of these biographies, making reference to our discussion of Orlando and the nature of biography, the subjectivity of time, and the nature of the “self.”

These will be submitted on the last day of class, Monday, 28 July 2008. Naturally, any of the 7 parts of the assignment may exceed 1 page, but they may not be LESS than one full page.


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