This is the website for Ms. Jones’ ENGL 2220-01 course for the summer of 2008. Before coming to class every day, you should check this site for discussion questions and post your answers as comments. We will use the discussion questions and comments as a springboard for in-class discussions.

Throughout the class, I would like you to keep the following questions in mind:

1. Why was this particular text selected?

2. Who is the author, and what is his or her reputation and background? Why is s/he included in an anthology on the “Masters” of British literature? Does s/he deserve this place? Why or why not? Is there someone else not included in this anthology that you would replace this author with? Why?

3. Think about the language used in this text. Does the author use a particular dialect? If so, how does this dialect influence your reading of the text? If not, what do you notice about the author’s language use that is unique or interesting.

4. In what ways does this author or text deal with the issue of “the other”? Is the author in some ways “the other”? Is one of the characters?

5. What connections can you make between this text and other texts you’ve read? Can you find some links to contemporary life, or your life in particular?


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