Posted by: engl2220 | May 18, 2008

Welcome to 2220

Welcome everyone to ENGL 2220.01, Summer 2008. We’ve got seven of the hottest weeks of the year to tackle the “masters” of British literature, and in this short time, we will not only read a selection of these literary giants, but also analyze them and their works in a variety of ways. We will focus on their use of language and examine the re-occurring theme of “the other” that is apparent from the earliest Anglo-Saxon texts. How has the literary representation of “the other” changed or stayed the same throughout the centuries?

I am excited to have you all in this course and am looking forward to exploring Major British authors with you.

Besides scanned chapters, we will be basing the bulk of our readings from the Pearson Longman anthologies, Volumes A and B. The ISBN numbers are as follows:

Volume A: 978-0-321-33399-5

Volume B: 978-0-321-33400-8



  1. If anyone’s had trouble finding their books, the co-op had about 15 sets when I went after class this morning – new and used.

    Just a heads up – Megan

  2. Thanks, Megan!

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